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We share the Art of Mutual Prosperity to bring positive Values to our World.


Our mission is to innovate, develop and transfer both science and experience proven tools and services in the field of social skills.


Stephane Royer

Managing Partner

"With the right negotiation skills the world will be a better place"

Stephane is an expert seasoned in management, negotiation and mediation. Trained by Marshal Rosenberg, Harvard, Scotwork and IMD, he manages negotiation teams for 20 years and solved hundreds of conflicts for Leaders, Associations, International Organizations, and Families around Europe. He worked in many difference environment FMCG, Telco, Consulting, Finance, Pharma, Industry, Luxury.

Based on his Executive-Doctoral-Research, he created the negotiation 6-Acts©, influence RAISERS© and the PINS© profiling test. These unique and innovative methods are both proven my science and experience and sustained by a network of certified trainers and World-Class negotiator. He travels around Europe as a speaker.

He's also an active member of OVSM, the President of GRAD (Procurement Director Group), a member of Club Diplomatique de Genève, and the Expert-Speaker for "L'effet A" (leadership & influence for Women in Canada and Switzerland),.

He holds a Mathematics degree from IMAG and an Executive-Doctorate in Negotiation.

Grégoire Seigneur de Bast

Managing Partner

"Good negotiation skills is not only improving your performance, it can also transform your life."

Grégoire is an expert negotiator with a solid expertise in complex and multi-cultural negotiations.

Grégoire is currently Head of Procurement at GSK Consumer Healthcare and a professional trainer in negotiation masterclasses. He has a successful track record of more than 20 years of international negotiations as well as leading multi-cultural teams.

Mutual benefits is a strength of Gregoire's negotiations outcomes, allowing him to close successful deals and build long-term relationships.

Grégoire is co-founder of Negotiation 6-Acts©, at Inness, offering a science-based negotiation method applicable to numerous situations. He is also co-founder of GRAD (Procurement Director Group).

He holds a degree of Business Administration.

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