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We share the Art of Mutual Prosperity to bring positive Values to our World.


Our mission is to innovate, develop and transfer both science and experience proven tools and services in the field of social skills.


Stephane Royer

Managing Partner

"With the right negotiation skills the world will be a better place"

Stephane is an expert seasoned in management, negotiation and mediation. Trained by Marshal Rosenberg, Harvard, Scotwork and IMD, he manages negotiation teams for 20 years and solved hundreds of conflicts for Leaders, Associations, International Organizations, and Families around Europe. He worked in many difference environment FMCG, Telco, Consulting, Finance, Pharma, Industry, Luxury.

Based on his Executive-Doctoral-Research, he created the negotiation 6-Acts©, influence RAISERS© and the PINS© profiling test. These unique and innovative methods are both proven my science and experience and sustained by a network of certified trainers and World-Class negotiator. He travels around Europe as a speaker.

He's also an active member of OVSM, the President of GRAD (Procurement Director Group), a member of Club Diplomatique de Genève, and the Expert-Speaker for "L'effet A" (leadership & influence for Women in Canada and Switzerland),.

He holds a Mathematics degree from IMAG and an Executive-Doctorate in Negotiation.

Grégoire Seigneur de Bast

Managing Partner

"Good negotiation skills is not only improving your performance, it can also transform your life."

Grégoire is an expert negotiator with a solid expertise in complex and multi-cultural negotiations.

Grégoire is currently Head of Procurement at GSK Consumer Healthcare and a professional trainer in negotiation masterclasses. He has a successful track record of more than 20 years of international negotiations as well as leading multi-cultural teams.

Mutual benefits is a strength of Gregoire's negotiations outcomes, allowing him to close successful deals and build long-term relationships.

Grégoire is co-founder of Negotiation 6-Acts©, at Inness, offering a science-based negotiation method applicable to numerous situations. He is also co-founder of GRAD (Procurement Director Group).

He holds a degree of Business Administration.

Certified trainers

Katia Gutknecht-Botti

Certified trainer - Negotiation

"Each negotiation is a new discovery, an inner adventure as much as a relationship journey to bring you to a mutually beneficial destination. Adventurous spirit to explore unfamiliar paths required! ".

Katia comes from a family of entrepreneurs and discovered the world of negotiation more than 20 years ago. With her international and more local Supply Chain, Procurement & Project Management experiences in Firmenich, Procter & Gamble and SC Johnson, she had the opportunity to lead from regional to global complex negotiations.

Katia founded her own company a few years ago and now wears several hats: professional adult Trainer, Value Creator and Director of her Sàrl. She also actively collaborates with Procure (the leading national Trade Association for Purchasing and Supply Management) and is a Professor at HEIG-VD (School of Management and Engineering Vaud).

Katia's qualifications include a PMP© certification from the Project Management Institute, an Adult Trainer Swiss Federal Brevet, a Non-Violent Communication Certification from the NVC Swiss Association and a Master in Business Administration (Procurement & Supply Chain specialization). French native, she is fluent in English.

    Michael Zeiler

    Certified Trainer - Negotiation | Stressful Situation

    Michael has more than 15-years expertise in management, and 25 years in crisis and stress management.

    High capability in driving teams in collaborative mode and driving innovation strategies, Michael is an expert in change management and reduction of costs. He has developed his expertise in some prestigious Swiss and international banking institutions.

    Beside his manager role, Michael is also a Captain Firefighter instructor.

    28 years of firefighting expertise, 16 years of tactical fire conduction and 12 years in fire instruction.

    Head of a Fire station, he regularly has to deal with stress and crisis situations.

    Board member of OVSM, whose strategy is based on three areas of development anchored in the strategy of the University of Geneva. Michael is also an external speaker for the university faculty in "innovation Management in the Digital Age". 

      Debbie Brown

      Certified Trainer - Negotiation

      "Negotiation, when done the right way, will constantly and pleasantly surprise you."

      Debbie has more than 15 years of expertise in Supply Chain, Procurement and Project Management.

      She started her career in operations, moving to centre of excellence roles at multinationals such as Procter & Gamble, SABMiller and AB InBev. Debbie has lived and worked in 6 continents, training multicultural teams and cultivating their negotiation abilities.

      More recently, Debbie founded her own company which connects startups and established companies. In addition to her cross-industry consulting and coaching work, Debbie is an operations expert for Kickstart, a mentor with Thrive for Mentoring and an active member of the LEAD Network.

      Debbie's qualifications include a Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching from AOEC, a PRINCE2© certification from APMG, and a degree in Business Administration. 

      Marjorie Drieb

      Certified trainer - Negotiation

      Marjorie is an expert in training design and delivery. With over 15 years of experience in learning and development, she has trained thousands of multicultural senior leaders on key skills such as leadership, change management, and top key business priorities.

      She is HBDI certified to help individuals and teams increase self-awareness and improve their performance.

      Marjorie holds a degree in International Business Administration and she is project management (PMP) accredited. She led multiple projects across geographies within FMCG companies.

      Since January 2020, Marjorie is an independent training expert and preparing a coaching accreditation.

      Sarp Içaçan

      Certified trainer - Negotiation

      "Negotiation is all about building bridges between parties."

      Sarp is an experienced Procurement Professional, result-driven with a high level of energy with more than 14 years of experience in Pharmaceuticals, FMCH, FMCG and automotive industries.

      He has strong experience in local, regional and global negotiations within a multinational environment while having expertise in stakeholder Management and complex issue resolution.

      He holds a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and a mini MBA degree in Business Administration.

      Paul Berckmans

      Certified Trainer - Negotiation

      Paul is an Information Management Executive in the Pharmaceutical and Consumer Healthcare industry with more than 25 years of international experience in IT Leadership, Business Partnering and Vendor management. He has led IT Transformation initiatives at GSK as well as strategic business integration programs at Novartisand Johnson&Johnson.

      Currently, Paul is responsible for a global performance efficiency program at GSK to deliver sustainable savings and enabling top-line growth.

      Paul also provides mentoring to advisory boards and C-level focus groups through the adoption of the Executive change 'Outside-in' process and method.

      Paul holds a degree in Computer Sciences from Brussels Hogescholen and completed a Business Leadership program at IMD, Switzerland.

      Matthieu Caplain

      Certified Trainer - Negotiation

      Matthieu is an Executive manager in the luxury industry with almost 25 years of international experience in European contract negotiation, Multi-cultural team management and P&L responsibility.

      He has led and set-up team structural changes as well as strategic business development in companies such as Clarins, Bvlgari and PUIG.

      Currently, Matthieu is responsible for the performance of Travel Retail EMEA region in Clarins to deliver sustainable savings and enabling top-line growth.

      Matthieu holds a degree in Marketing & Business Development at ESSEC Business school.

      David Hermann

      Certified trainer - Negotiation

      David cumulated 20 years of experience in various types of negotiations, influencing decision-makers and leading multidisciplinary teams in times of crisis.

      David is currently working as Head of Operations for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Yangon, Myanmar. Before Myanmar, David has been working in several other countries mainly affected by armed conflict and other situations of violence in Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia.

      In his function, and all along his career for the ICRC, David's job has been about dialogue and negotiations with parties to the conflict as well as crisis management. David has a long experience in negotiating in stressful situations, notably when lives matter.

      He holds a master's degree in political science from the University of Geneva (Switzerland) as well as a leadership certificate from the IMD Business School (Lausanne, Switzerland).

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