Secret #6 - Why a YES has no value?

Black BELT negotiators know how to turn an agreement into concrete actions. It makes sense, right!

But we often stop negotiating when we get the first "Yes", we shake hands, and we pride ourselves on the outcome.

Our studies show that a "Yes" has very little value when it comes to getting an agreement.

So what to do after our first "Yes"? What is the secret and science behind getting your agreement implemented?

How to ?

In our transformation programme, we are teaching the Formalise Technique.

Record any agreement, as soon as it is satisfactory. Write a contract, use a flipchart, confirm immediately by e-mail. Finally, formalize the "How": How your solution will be implemented.

Why ?

Because a "Yes" does not have any value most of the time. In many cases people say "Yes" just to move on, to please you or to avoid conflict. But when it's getting down to action, then you realize the "Yes" was not quite what you thought. According to our study (1), 79% of the time, when people say "yes", they mean to either move on to another subject or to say yes to their version or understanding of the agreement

If you get a "Yes" then focus on How you will implement the "yes".


"As we agree on this point, I suggest formalizing its implementation as follows..."

Dad; "Are you going to clean-up your room, Son?", 

Son. "Yes, Dad", 

Dad: "Ok, how would you suggest you do it?"

Summary ?

  1. Wait for an agreement, i.e. a YES
  2. Then work with your counterpart to formalize the implementation of the YES
  3. Have them reformulate the implementation

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  1. "A negotiation system for the manager that proves its value", Thesis, Stéphane Royer, 2020

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