Conflict Management

"I convert conflict into an additional force."

A manager spends at least 62% of his time in an activity related to Conflict Management, whether it is dealing with a supplier, selling a project or an idea, or convincing colleagues or collaborators. If you want to know how conflict management works then this course is for you. If in your daily life, you have to manage conflicts or to convince, then this course will help you to be both more efficient and better recognized. If you wish to deepen your already acquired social skills with advanced influencing or relational techniques, then this course will give you the necessary keys.

Value Proposition

We guarantee a strong impact on your conflict management skills :

  • Become better at solving issues under stressful situations,
  • Understand and recognize conflict situations,
  • Convert stress to an advantage,
  • Free yourself from conflict.
Additionally, you will get :
  • A Personal Influence & Conflict compatibility profile,
  • A booklet including all the training factsheets,
  • A BELT© Certification.

For Whom

For leaders, sales, managers, buyers or individuals who want to change their ability to deal with stressful situations

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