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you have been selected to join our Secrets of Negotiation training organized by Inness.

Our goal is to transform you in the long run by handing over the result of our experience and 4 years of research.

The Inness 6 Acts methodology is demonstrated by science and by a doctorate from the Business Science Institute.

Before meeting with you, we wanted to give you an understanding on how the transformation programme will happen.


Do not forget to act on the pre-work at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the training.

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The steps to your transformation

  • #1 - Do the pre-work activity (at least 2 weeks prior to the training).

  • #2 - The masterclass will be facilitated by Negotiation Experts during two days.

  • #3 - After the masterclass, your will have, during one year, unlimited access to the e-Learning platform to ensure you continue strengthening your new competence.

#1 - Complete the pre-work

Define your objectives for this training.

To boost the impact of your training, it is vital to define the objectives you would like to achieve at the end of this training.

Without a clear objective, you may miss the true purpose of this transformation.

Discover your PINS© Negotiator's profile

Respond to the 75 questions and you will receive by email, your PINS Negotiator's Profile with indications of your strengths and areas of improvement.

This Negotiator's Profile will be helpful to define your progression plan after the Masterclass.

Duration: 10 minutes.

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#2 - Attend the 2 day training course

  • The training will last for 2 days and normally starts at 8:30 AM and finishes at 5:30 PM. You will receive an invitation with more accurate details on the timing and location.

  • The group will be limited to 12 persons and will be facilitated by an Inness trainer.

  • You will spend at least 70% of the class doing simulations. Please note that all participants are performing all simulations. There will not be any "passive" participants during the class.

  • Training material will be made available on-line during the training. It is mandatory that participants are able to access internet on the laptops or tablets during the class to download training documents.

  • The training is delivered in English.

#3 - After the training

You will receive your training completion certificate,

and one-year access to the online Masterclass.

Your Masterclass access will be created after the 2-day training is completed. Then you will create a login using your email address and you will receive an email notification and access to your Masterclass.

During 1 year, you will receive regular notifications to strengthen your learning, you will be invited to Q&A sessions and frequent updates on the methodology by joining the Inness LinkedIn group.

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