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Experts Benefits


Pro Shooting

Cast your knowledge in stone in multiple languages

Looking to create a high-quality masterclass video? Look no further! Our team will handle all aspects of the production process, from filming to editing, storage, and maintenance. We use only professional equipment to ensure the best possible outcome, with a sleek black background and two viewing angles for added visual interest. Plus, we can even provide voice-over services to translate your content into multiple languages.


Give them a new experience

we handle all the digital marketing costs for your masterclass. We specialize in creating high-quality videos that will make your content stand out, and we use our extensive network to help sell your masterclass to potential customers. With our expert marketing team on your side, you can focus on creating the best masterclass possible.

In addition, our innovative platform provides a seamless learning experience for your clients, automating their learning journey from start to finish. You can introduce your clients to a whole new level of learning and engagement, all while using our platform to manage and track their progress. We will build a full journey out of your Masterclass, including reminders, challenges app, videos...

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A unique platform

Content and automation


Looking to offer your clients a transformative experience? Our platform provides access to cutting-edge tools, such as 21-day challenge apps, to help take your clients on a journey of growth and self-discovery.

And if you have a unique tool you'd like to incorporate into your masterclass, our experienced development team can help code and automate it to enhance the overall experience.

Join your Peers

Reference in Science and Experience

We are committed to providing the highest quality of expertise for our clients. That's why we carefully select our experts based on their combination of scientific knowledge and real-world experience. We don't believe in self-proclaimed experts or trainers who have only read a couple of books. With our team, you can trust that you're receiving guidance and knowledge from proven professionals who are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Join us today and experience the difference!

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How will your journey be

​Your Journey Step by Step

  1. Theme. We will agree on the title of the Masterclass, and, a small biography of you, with a picture.

  2. Expert Member. Create your login at Your expert badge will be then assigned to you.

  3. Content. You will propose 10 to 20 lessons (10 to 15 minutes each), with titles and short written content. We will review the lessons with you for "impact purposes" and validate the title, the lessons, and the masterclass summary.

  4. Prepare. We will send you the guidelines for the shooting, and you will prepare

    1. your prompter (text, slides, or notes)

    2. Your quizzes.

    3. 8 challenges for the participant to practice in real life.

    4. The summary, that will be added to your lesson after the video.

  5. Plan. When you are ready, we will plan a shooting date (1 day)

  6. Agreement. We will review and sign our expert agreement

  7. Shooting. It takes place on your premises for your convenience

  8. Edition. The pro-editing will start (1h of work per minute)

  9. Build. We will build the masterclass page, the program pages, and the Masterclass follow-up (incl. reminders, and challenges), and we code the tools if needed

  10. Validate. You validate the program

  11. Launch. We launch it and contact our network and you receive a referral link for your own clients. We can help you with how to communicate with your clients

  12. Payback. You receive your money and report every month

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