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Stress Management

Négociation: Vidéo

Flexible Masterclass and follow-up

More than an e-learning.

A Masterclass with 10 lessons, examples, challenges and, a full year follow-up program including Q&A live sessions.

You won't be alone

Because 75% of the knowledge is gone after a few days, we offer you a 12-month follow-up program.

Conférence en ligne
Lance d'incendie

The only method validated by a Fireman Captain

The only method validated by an active Fireman Captain with 20 years of experience in the most tense and stressed situations

You will have the guarantee of Live Experience

Tools for Real

Based on his extensive experience of stress, Captain Zeiler made practical tools and exercises.

You will manage your stress efficiently

Because only practice and awareness will help you manage your stress

Pose de papillon
Atteindre le sommet

Immediate impact

You will make a difference, get an impact, see a difference.

98% of our participants report high value generation

You will make an outstanding difference

Because having an impact is really what matters for you and for us as well


Aucune formule disponibleUne fois qu'il y aura des formules disponibles à l'achat, vous les verrez ici.


The secret of the dynamic model

6 minutes

How to adapt to the situation?

  • Video clip, the fifth element

  • Definition of negotiation and its stages

  • I understand the dynamic model

The secret of why

9 minutes

How to prepare your objective?

  • Video clip, Ranson

  • I understand the AIMS(c) technique

  • 21-day challenge

The secret of self-confidence

6 minutes

How to prepare mentally?

  • Video clip, Suits

  • I undertand the BASE(c) technique

  • 21-day challenge

The secret of bonding

10 minutes

How to ease the agreement?

  • Video clip, Moneyball

  • I understand the Connexion technique

  • 21-day challenge

The secret of offers

7 minutes

Who should make the first offer?

  • Video clip 'The Rock

  • I undertand the PASs-your-order(c) technique

  • 21-day challenge

The secret of persuasion

10 minutes

How to influence a decision?

  • Video clip, The shawshank redemption

  • I understand the BAITS(c) technique

  • 21-day challenge

The secret of solutions

8 minutes

How to get answers and solutions?

  • Video clip, The big bang theory

  • I understand the CREAT(c) technique

  • 21-day challenge

The secret of No

7 minutes

How to test proposals without risks?

  • Video clip, Seinfeld

  • I understand the CANOES(c) technique

  • 21-day challenge

The secret of Yes

The secret of preparation

6 minutes

How to make sure your agreement will be applied?

  • Video clip, Game of Throne

  • I understand the Formalise technique

  • 21-day challenge

10 minutes

How to ask the right questions?

  • I understand the SAC(c) and the PITCHES(c) technique

  • I understand the 10 universal principles

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