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Want to explore our Masterclasses?

Find more about our Masterclasses, who created them, what is their look and feel, what benefits will you get, how much they cost and what expertise we cover.


What is a masterclass?

All of our online Masterclasses have been designed by an expert on the topic.  The expert is teaching you, what took them years to acquire, within a condensed format. - Masterclass: 10 video lessons (5-10 min each). - Advanced Masterclass: 20 lessons (contains the 10 lessons of the Masterclass).

How will my masterclass look like?

Want to see a demo of a Masterclass? Here is an example of a Lesson of our Secrets of Negotiation Masterclass.

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Our experts

All our experts have more than 20 years of experience in the subject they are teaching. They practice their science every day and have a passion for transferring their knowledge. You can find their biography here.

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What are your benefits?

98% of participants are extremely satisfied 78% were promoted within one year of training 88% improved their network and the quality of their relationships 92% have reported significant improvements in their personal and professional lives

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Our corporate pricing

Our Corporate pricing is serving your Savings agenda by offering state-of-the-art training with highly competitive pricing.

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Our areas of expertise

You want to grow in: - Negotiation - Conflict Management - Stress Management - Crisis Management

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