Negotiation 6-Acts©

"Your journey to become a Black BELT© negotiator"

Negotiations are an integral part of our daily lives. They feature in a variety of contexts including mediation and conflict management, but are also used to influence others, as well as in business, politics, social and even family interactions.

A manager spends 61% of his time in Negotiation like activities, but only 8% are trained

The Negotiation 6Acts© is a model, made of 20 years' experience and 5 years of research in the field of negotiation and conflict management.

Our training is organised in 4 levels: Yellow BELT© , Orange BELT© , Blue BELT© and Black BELT©.

Value Proposition

We guarantee a strong impact on your negotiation :

  • Proven ROI of x39.54,
  • High satisfaction and confidence
  • Improved relationship,
  • The ability to add more value,
  • The guaranty to have your agreement followed-up by action.
Additionally, you will get :
  • A Personal Influence & Negotiation profile,
  • A booklet including all the training factsheets,
  • A negotiation preparation notepad,
  • A BELT© Negotiator Certification.

For Whom?

For leaders, sales, managers, buyers or individuals who want to master conflicts and deals with Colleagues, Management, Clients, Suppliers and Family.

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