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Secure Base Leaders

Flexible Masterclass and follow-up

More than e-learning.

A Masterclass with 10  lessons, examples, 21-day challenges, and, a full-year follow-up program including commented video and Q&A live sessions.

You won't be alone

Because 75% of the knowledge is gone after a few days, we offer you a 12-month follow-up program.

Conférence en ligne
Prendre des notes

The approach proven by a Doctorate

The learnings are validated by a doctorate from the Business Science Institute.

The lessons consolidate the most recent findings, tools, advice, tip, and tricks for value-proven transformation.

You will have the guarantee of science

Because most training is not backed up by science, we offer you a value-proven masterclass.

A true impact on our World

Discover the best practices, the common traps, the common concepts, the actions you can take.

You will make a difference

Because there is an urgent need to save our planet, we offer you the tools to stand up and make a difference

Sauvez la planète
Vue sur la montagne de la jungle

Find your way out the jungle

Find you way out of the jungle of the norms, laws, certifications, terminlogies, stadards and guidelines.

You will have a guide

Because like the internet you can see everything and its contradiction.

Interview on XERFI CANAL

interview of Dr Celine Cheval-Calvel