Stressful Situation

"I convert stress into an additional force."

For most people, a stressful situation is reducing their ability to think properly. Many will admit that stress has a negative impact on their ability to solve problems. We believe there is another way to use stressful situations.

Stress is a daily factor we diversely accommodate the use of it. From a simple bothering element to a show stopper, stress, if incorrectly exploited can ruin many of your interactions.

This training is vital for those of you that do not want to abide stress.

Our technique was developed by experts with 25 years of a highly stressful situation and is supported by science to demonstrate the impacts, solutions and how to transform stressful situations into one of your strength.

Value Proposition

We guarantee a strong impact on your stress management :

  • Become better at solving issues under stressful situations,
  • Understand and recognize stressful situations,
  • Convert stress to an advantage,
  • Free yourself from stress.
Additionally, you will get :
  • A Personal Influence & Stress compatibility profile,
  • A booklet including all the training factsheets,
  • A Stressful situation BELT© Certification.

For Whom

For leaders, sales, managers, buyers or individuals who want to change their ability to deal with stressful situations

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