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The "Hidden" Secrets of Negotiation

By Dr. Stéphane Royer, Researcher, Negotiator, Speaker, Author, Mediator and Teacher.

Unlock the power of a science-validated method with 400 years of research behind it. Get ready to discover the secrets and techniques for immediate success and master one of the most highly sought-after skills by organizations. Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your career and achieve your goals!

Conflict Resolution through Mediation

By Grégoire Seigneur de Bast, Executive, Mediator, Negotiator and HEC Teacher.

Imagine a world where instead of being seen as a hindrance, conflict is viewed as a valuable opportunity for growth and progress. By learning and mastering the techniques of conflict prevention, healing, and transformation, you can turn any difficult situation into a chance for positive change. With the right tools and mindset, conflicts can be transformed into opportunities for mutual understanding, creativity, and problem-solving. Join us in discovering the power of conflict resolution and unlock a new way of approaching and resolving disputes.


Conquering Stress

By Captain Michael Zeiler, Firefighter Trainer, Speaker, Teacher, Director

Picture a world where stress is no longer a hindrance, but a driving force that propels you to take positive action. With the right techniques and understanding, you can harness the energy of stress to achieve your goals and improve your life. By learning to understand and control stress, even in the most challenging of situations, you can turn a potentially negative experience into a powerful tool for growth and achievement. Whether you're navigating a crisis or striving for success, join us in discovering how to master stress and unlock your full potential.


Unleash Potential as Secure Base Leader

By Pr Emeritus George Kohlrieser Awarded Author, Psychologist, hostage negotiator, IMD Professor

A secure base is a person, place, goal, or object that provides a sense of protection, gives a sense of comfort and offers a source of energy and inspiration to explore, take risks, and seek change. Great leaders are aware of their secure bases and can then become secure bases to others to maximize their potential. They use formal and informal authority to influence, rather than exerting their hierarchical and coercive power.

Navigating and Surviving Crisis

A crisis Expert with multiple years in dealing with global crisis

Unleash your full potential as a modern manager in the face of life's unpredictability. With crises, disruptions, and changes happening at every turn, it's essential to be equipped with the right tools to tackle challenges head-on. Whether they arise suddenly or gradually, the consequences can be far-reaching and long-lasting. Don't let them hold you back - embrace the power of preparation and stay ahead of the game with the necessary tools for success.

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