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Unleash Potential as Secure Base Leader

A secure base is a person, place, goal, or object that provides a sense of protection, gives a sense of comfort and offers a source of energy and inspiration to explore, take risks, and seek change. Great leaders are aware of their secure bases and can then become secure bases to others to maximize their potential. They use formal and informal authority to influence, rather than exerting their hierarchical and coercive power.

Flexibility and 1-year follow-up

A Masterclass with 10 lessons that you can learn when you want, where you want, and at the pace you want.


A unique follow-up system that includes examples, 21-day challenges, and a full-year follow-up program including commented video and Q&A live sessions.

You won't be alone. You won't forget

Because traditional training means 75% of the knowledge is gone after 3 days, and standard online training means 80% of participants do not make it to the end.


We offer you a 12-month follow-up program.


Exclusive Insights

George Kohlrieser is a globally recognized expert on secure base leadership, with over 40 years of experience as a psychologist, educator, and consultant. He is the author of several books on leadership, including "Hostage at the Table: How Leaders Can Overcome Conflict, Influence Others, and Raise Performance."

In this masterclass, participants will have access to exclusive insights and strategies from Kohlrieser's years of research, teaching, and consulting experience. They will learn from his practical examples and real-world case studies, which will help them to understand how to apply secure base leadership in their own organizations.

Kohlrieser's expertise on secure base leadership is also supported by his work as a consultant for a variety of organizations, from small businesses to multinational corporations. His insights have been tested and proven in different contexts, making them applicable to a wide range of industries and leadership roles

Empowering leadership Style

The masterclass will teach participants how to become great leaders who empower their team members by becoming secure bases themselves. This style of leadership is based on trust, collaboration, and inspiration rather than control and coercion.


By becoming secure bases, leaders can create a positive work environment where team members feel safe, supported, and encouraged to take risks and explore new ideas. This can lead to increased productivity, creativity, and innovation.


Unlock value and potentials

When team members feel secure, they are more likely to reach their full potential. The masterclass will teach leaders how to identify and support the secure bases of their team members, unlocking their potential and driving better outcomes for the organization.
The masterclass will provide a comprehensive approach to leadership development, covering both the theory and practical application of secure base leadership. Participants will leave with a set of tools and techniques that they can immediately apply in their leadership roles to become more effective and successful

Focus on the Expert

George Kohlrieser’s expertise and insights are drawn from his rich professional career as a clinical psychologist and hostage negotiator. He is currently a Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior at the IMD business school in Lausanne. He is the author of the award-winning bestseller Hostage at The Table: How Leaders Can Overcome Conflict.


  • 179€
    Become a Secure Base Leader
    Valid for one year
    • 10 inspirational lessons
    • 10 exercises to improve your leadership skills
    • Quizzes and 21-day challenges
    • A spider tool to overview your skills
    • Q&A
    • Certification
    • Language available: English




What is a Secure Base?

3 minutes

Understand what is a Secure Base Leader

  • Definition of a Secure Base Leader

  • Understand psychological safety

  • Practice with an exercise

Leading from the Mind's eye

11 minutes

Discover the power of the Mind's eye

  • How do you play? Are you in a positive or negative state?

  • How to become positive?

  • Reacting to change

  • Practice with exercises

Secure Bases in relationships

13 minutes

Discover the cycle of bonding

  • What are the stages of grief?

  • Understand the person effect

  • Practice with an exercise

Types of Secure Bases

10 minutes

How to identify your Secure Bases?

  • Types of Secure Bases

  • Exercice to inventif your Secure Bases

Fondations & personal history

13 minutes

Understand the strength of Secure Bases

  • How to develop talent?

  • The process of individuation

  • Practice with exercises

Emotions & trauma

16 minutes

Discover the impact of emotions

  • What are the types of emotions?

  • Understand trauma

  • Understand your triggers

  • What happened to you?

Caring & Daring

10 minutes

Understand the importance of caring and Daring

  • Care to dare in talent development

  • Nice vs. kind

  • Styles of leadership

  • Practice with exercises

Secure Base Leader's characteristics

13 minutes

What are the characteristics of a Secure Base Leader?

  • 8 characteristics of a Secure Base Leader

  • Learn from hostage negotiation example

  • Practice with an exercise

Secure Base in conflict resolution

14 minutes

How to deal with conflict?

  • The importance of dialog

  • What are the blocks to dialog?

  • Resolving conflict and de-escalation process

  • Practice with an exercise

The 8 pillars of Secure Base Leadership

3 minutes

What are the fundamentals of Secure Base Leadership?

  • The 8 pillars of Secure Base Leadership

  • Find your own path

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