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Conflict Resolution through Mediation

  • 179€
    Valid for one year
    • Master Empathy concretely
    • Be a TRUE listener
    • Make proposal that has impact
    • Build long lasting solution
    • Learn the conflict traps
    • Break the conflict spirale
    • Avoid the manipulation technique
    • Any many more...
    • Get your BSI awarded Certification

Immediat Gain





Immediate gains

You will make a difference, and get more value, better deals, and better relationships.

98% of our participants report high-value generation, and 88% reported a significant impact on their relationship and network

You will make an outstanding difference


World Class Expert

Gregoire Seigneur is an Expert and Speaker in Conflict Management. He's also a teacher in Conflict Management for the Executive Leadership Program at HEC. He has a 15-year proven track record in Programme Management and Conflict Resolution for Corporates.



Learn how to concretely use empathy, listening, making proposals, creating solutions...

We share easy-to-learn technique that you can apply tomorrow, and that will change your life forever



Conflict costs 351 billions per year! Only for the US! Only for Companies.

With our Masterclass you will master the conflict management techniques, and soft-skills you will use in your everyday life

You will be certified by the Business Science Institute (AMBA accredited).



Understand conflict

5 minutes

How to adapt to the situation?

  • Definition of conflict and mediation and their stages

  • I understand the dynamic model

  • The office - Universal Studios

Preparing the mediation

6 minutes

How to set the scene for the mediation?

  • I understand the pre-interview

  • 21-day challenge

  • The good, the bad and the ugly - MGM

The mediation loop

7 minutes

How to manage the mediation interview?

  • I am able to use the mediation loop technique

  • 21-day challenge

  • The "still face" experiment by Dr. Edward Tronick

The secret of offers

8 minutes

How to make impactful offers?

  • I understand the PASs-your-order(c) technique

  • 21-day challenge

  • The rock - Buena Vista Pictures

The secret to discover interests

7 minutes

How to find the needs behind the words?

  • I understand the Empathic reformulation technique

  • 21-day challenge

  • Inside out - Walt Disney Pictures - Pixar Animations Studios

The secret of Yes

5 minutes

How to make sure your agreement will be applied?

  • I understand the Formalise technique

  • 21-day challenge

  • Game of Thrones - HBO

The secret of listening

7 minutes

How to listen actively?

  • I understand the FOCAL(c) technique

  • 21-day challenge

  • The guy who listens by interrupting you - College Humor

The secret for preventing coonflict

9 minutes

How to reduce the risk of future conflicts?

  • I understand the signs of future conflicts

  • 21-day challenge

  • The break up - Universal Pictures

The secret of cognitive biases

6 minutes

How to fight cognitive biases?

  • I understand the main cognitive biases and how to fight them 

  • 21-day challenge

  • The monkey challenge - Daniel J. Simons

The secret against deviant techniques

7 minutes

How to cope with deviant techniques?

  • I understand the RARES(c) technique

  • 21-day challenge

  • Suits - Universal Content Productions

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