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The "Hidden" Secrets of Negotiation

Unlock the power of a science-validated method with 400 years of research behind it. Get ready to discover the secrets and techniques for immediate success and master one of the most highly sought-after skills by organizations. Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your career and achieve your goals!

A Certification from the Business Science Institute

Negotiation is among the Top 3 skills required by companies. As indeed you spend 62% of your time negotiating.

Our programme will include a 12-month follow-up system, tools, 21-day challenges, videos and Q&A live sessions.

You will be certified by the Business Science Institute (AMBA accredited).

Because you need recognition you can value and prove your newly acquired skills

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The only method proven by a Doctorate

The only method validated by a doctorate.

400 years of studies consolidated in one method, one model, and value-proven techniques.

You will be updated on the latest trends, technologies, and techniques

You will have the guarantee of science

Because most training do not prove their value independently and are not backed up by science

Secrets in Everyday life

You have been taught the wrong techniques!

Discover the 20 hidden secrets of negotiation.

Easy to remember, easy to put into practice in your everyday life.

You will know what's hidden

Because there are too many contradictions among negotiation methods, you will discover the underlying truth behind the techniques


Immediate gains and innovative tools

You will make a difference, and get more value, better deals, and better relationships.

98% of our participants report high-value generation

You will make an outstanding difference

PINS(c) - Our Negotiator Profiling

iBOC(c) - Our Best Offer Calculator

PITCHES(c) - Our AI preparation method

21-day Challenge - Our app to track your habits

Focus on the Expert

Dr. Stéphane Royer is a highly accomplished specialist in the field of negotiation, with a distinguished career that spans several decades. He has devoted his life to the study of negotiation, conducting extensive research in this area, resulting in groundbreaking insights and hidden secrets.

Dr. Royer's achievements are a testament to his deep understanding of negotiation, which is informed by his unique approach to analyzing the subject. For his doctoral thesis, Dr. Royer analyzed 400 years of negotiation studies and studied 40 different methods, combining his findings into a consolidated approach that is widely recognized as a game-changer in the field.

As a result of his work, Dr. Royer has earned numerous accolades, including recognition and awards for his unique approach to negotiation. His insights and findings have been compiled into a Masterclass that has been widely praised among professionals.
In addition to his research, Dr. Royer is also a sought-after professor, having taught Masterclasses at prestigious institutions such as HEC Lausanne, Geneva, and IMD.

Dr. Royer is also a certified mediator and an active negotiator for both life-threatening situations , with international organizations, and complex negotiations for businesses. His skills in these high-stakes environments are highly valued, and his ability to navigate complex negotiations with ease is a testament to his deep understanding of the subject.

Overall, Dr. Stéphane Royer's unique approach to the subject has earned him recognition and praise from his peers, and his insights and findings have helped shape the way that professionals approach negotiation today.


  • Best Value
    Every year
    The Hidden Secrets of Negotiation
    • 20 Negotiation Secrets proven by Science
    • 20 examples from movies
    • Quizzes and 21-day Challenges
    • Innovative Tools
    • 1-year follow-up
    • Your Negotiator Profile
    • Live Q&A sessions
    • BSI Certification
    • Language available: French and English




The secret of the dynamic model

6 minutes

How to adapt to the situation?

  • Video clip, The fifth element

  • Definition of negotiation and its stages

  • I understand the dynamic model

The secret of why

9 minutes

How to prepare your objective?

  • Video clip, Ranson

  • I understand the AIMS(c) technique

  • 21-day challenge

The secret of self-confidence

6 minutes

How to prepare mentally?

  • Video clip, Suits

  • I understand the BASE(c) technique

  • 21-day challenge

The secret of bonding

10 minutes

How to ease the agreement?

  • Video clip, Moneyball

  • I understand the Connection technique

  • 21-day challenge

The secret of offers

7 minutes

Who should make the first offer?

  • Video clip, The Rock

  • I understand the PASs-your-order(c) technique

  • 21-day challenge

The secret of persuasion

10 minutes

How to influence a decision?

  • Video clip, The Shawshank redemption

  • I understand the BAITS(c) technique

  • 21-day challenge

The secret of solutions

8 minutes

How to get answers and solutions?

  • Video clip, The big bang theory

  • I understand the CREAT(c) technique

  • 21-day challenge

The secret of No

7 minutes

How to test proposals without risks?

  • Video clip, Seinfeld

  • I understand the CANOES(c) technique

  • 21-day challenge

The secret of Yes

6 minutes

How to make sure your agreement will be applied?

  • Video clip, Game of Throne

  • I understand the Formalise technique

  • 21-day challenge

The secret of preparation

10 minutes

How to ask the right questions?

  • I understand the SAC(c) and the PITCHES(c) technique

  • I understand the 10 universal principles


The secret of value

7 minutes

How to generate value?

  • Video clip, Just go with it

  • I understand the parameters and options technique

  • 21-day challenge

The secret of control

10 minutes

How to control the strategy?

  • Video clip, Rome

  • I understand the FRAMING(c) technique

  • 21-day challenge

The secret of listening

7 minutes

How to listen actively?

  • Video clip, House of Cards

  • I understand the FOCAL(c) technique

  • 21-day challenge

The secret of deadlock

9 minutes

How to unlock the situation?

  • Video clip, Game of thrones

  • I understand the Dragon(c) technique

  • 21-day challenge

The secret of convincing

4 minutes

How to convince indirectly?

  • Video clip, Game of thrones

  • I understand the MAP(c) technique

  • 21-day challenge

The secret of empathy

7 minutes

How to find the underlying need?

  • Video clip, Ransom

  • I understand the Empathic-Reformulation(c) technique

  • 21-day challenge

The secret to get out of a crisis

9 minutes

How to de-escalate conflict?

  • Video clip, Invictus

  • I understand the ACDC(c) technique

  • 21-day challenge

The secret of conditions

6 minutes

How to understand the give-and-take game?

  • Video clip, Seinfeld

  • I understand the Concessions technique

  • 21-day challenge

The secret of time

7 minutes

How to manage the pressure?

  • Video clip, The Office

  • I understand the Adjourn technique

  • 21-day challenge

The secret against manipulation

8 minutes

How to avoid the tricky traps?

  • Video clip, The Mentalist

  • I understand the Contingent-Clause technique

  • 21-day challenge

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