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The Secrets of Negotiation

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Online Masterclass and follow-up

More than an e-learning.

A Masterclass with 10 to 20 lessons, examples, 21-day challenges and, a full year follow-up program including commented video and Q&A live sessions.

You won't be alone

Because 75% of the knowledge is gone after a few days, we offer you a 12-month follow-up program.

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The only method proven by a Doctorate

The only method validated by a doctorate from the Business Science Institute.

400 years of studies consolidated in one method, one model, and value proven techniques

You will have the guarantee of science

Because most training do not prove their value independently and are not backed-up by science

Hidden secrets finally revealed

Discover the 20 hidden secrets of negotiation.

Easy to remember, easy to put into practice and proven by science and experience.

You will know what's hidden

Because there are too many contradictions among negotiation methods, you will discover the underlying truth behind the techniques

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Immediate gains and value

You will make a difference, get more value, better deals and better relationships.

98% of our participants report high value generation

You will make an outstanding difference

Because having an impact is really what matters for you and for us as well