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The "Hidden" Secrets of Negotiation

  • 179€
    Valid for one year
    • Know your TRUE objective - AIMS(c)
    • Prepare mentally and feel secure - BASE(c)
    • To make everyone feel cared for - ER(c)
    • Make better and accepted offers - PASs(c)
    • Influence decisions, convince instantly - BAITS(c) & MAP(c)
    • Create fast and easy solutions - CREAT(c)
    • To avoid tricky traps and manipulation
    • ..And 10 more secrets
    • Get your BSI awarded Certification
    • PINS(c) profile & Best-Offer Calculator iBOC(c)

ROI and Outcomes

World Class Expert

Awarded Certification

Ready-to-use Tools


Measurable outcomes and ROI

Immediate return and satisfaction

Our participants report immediate return with a huge impact within 3 months.

98% Satisfaction and high-value

+132% more likely to get an agreement

+128% more value on the table

​You will make an outstanding difference​ with our unique tools

PINS(c) - Our Negotiator Profiling

iBOC(c) - Our Best Offer Calculator

PITCHES(c) - Our preparation method

21-day Challenge - Our app to track your habits


World Class Expert

By Dr. Stéphane Royer, Researcher, Negotiator, Speaker, Author, Mediator and Teacher.

Dr. Royer analyzed 400 years of negotiation studies and studied 40 different methods, combining his findings into a consolidated approach that is widely recognized as a game-changer in the field.

As a result of his work, Dr. Royer has earned numerous accolades and awards.
In addition to his research, Dr. Royer is also a sought-after professor at prestigious institutions such as HEC Lausanne, Geneva, and IMD.



Secrets, Tips and Tricks applicable in daily life

Our expert's focus is to make sure you can practice our social skills techniques with our boss, colleagues, friends, family and in all the situation you can think of

Photo_La face cachee de la negociation.png

A Certification from the Business Science Institute

Negotiation is among the Top 3 skills required by companies. As indeed you spend 62% of your time negotiating.

Our programme will include a 12-month follow-up system, tools, 21-day challenges, videos and Q&A live sessions.

You will be certified by the Business Science Institute (AMBA accredited).

Because you need recognition you can value and prove your newly acquired skills



The secret of the dynamic model

6 minutes

To Master any situation

with the 7-act(c) model

The secret of why

9 minutes

To know your TRUE hidden objectives

with the AIMS(c) technique

The secret of self-confidence

6 minutes

To prepare mentally and feel secure

with the BASE(c) technique

The secret of bonding

10 minutes

To create bonds and prepare emotions

with the connection technique​w

The secret of offers

7 minutes

To make better and accepted offers

with the PASs-your-order(c) technique

The secret of persuasion

10 minutes

To influence any decision

with the BAITS(c) technique

The secret of solutions

8 minutes

To create fast and easy solutions

with the CREAT(c) technique

The secret of No

7 minutes

To test proposals and offers without risks

with the CANOES(c) technique

The secret of Yes

6 minutes

To make sure your agreement will become real

with the Formalise technique

The secret of preparation

10 minutes

To be prepared for all eventualities

with the SAC(c) and PITCHES(c) technique


The secret of value

7 minutes

To easily create more value

with the parameters and options technique

The secret of control

10 minutes

To master your strategy and set the tone

with the FRAMING(c) technique

The secret of listening

7 minutes

To understand the game of listening

with the FOCAL(c) technique

The secret of deadlock

9 minutes

To get out of any blocked situation

with the Dragon(c) technique

The secret of convincing

4 minutes

To convince anyone instantly 

with the MAP(c) technique

The secret of empathy

7 minutes

To make everyone feel cared for

with the Empathic-Reformulation(c) technique

The secret to get out of a crisis

9 minutes

To make up for all the mistakes

with the ACDC(c) technique

The secret of conditions

6 minutes

To excel at the give-and-take game

with the Concessions technique

The secret of time

7 minutes

To manage pressure and tension

with the Adjourn technique

The secret against manipulation

8 minutes

To avoid tricky traps and manipulation

with the Contingent-Clause technique

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